About Red Lotus
Red Lotus Technologies Inc. is a defense technology company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Red Lotus’s mission is to develop innovative products that enhance the sensing capabilities of those who protect us, including soldiers, first responders, and police.
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The company’s current product line offers visual enhancement capabilities to humans using hand-held locators to find buried explosives. The company works closely with end-users to create products that are quick to learn, easy to operate, and have minimal impact on physical load.

As a full-stack technology company, Red Lotus has expertise in software, hardware, product design, and manufacturing. Since founding in 2012, the company has been the prime recipient of numerous United States Department of Defense research grants and has supplied products to clients such as the United States Army.
Where We Started
Lahiru jayatilaka
Co-Founder and CEO
Lahiru Jayatilaka
Lahiru has a degree in Computer Science from Harvard University. He has published extensive research in the area of visual support systems for landmine detection. Lahiru was a PhD. student in Computer Science at Stanford University before founding Red Lotus. Lahiru's research work was the spark that to lead U.S. Department of Defense support of Red Lotus. His core expertise lie in product design and business strategy.
Matthew can
Co-Founder and CTO
Matthew Can
Matt has a dual degree in Computer Science and Business Administration from U.C. Berkley. He was a PhD. student in Computer Science at Stanford University before founding Red Lotus. He was the chief architect behind the early core technology that launched Red Lotus. His core expertise lie in product engineering and manufacturing.

Red Lotus Technologies Inc. - Est 2012

Lahiru Jayatilaka, founder of Red Lotus, was born in Sri Lanka during the island nation’s 25 year civil war. During this time, suicide bombers, indiscriminate air strikes, and landmines were simply part of everyday life.
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Despite growing up in such turbulent times, Lahiru was fortunate to go on and study at both Harvard and Stanford University. While at Harvard, Lahiru was called to apply his education toward building technology that would protect humans from the atrocities he witnessed in Sri Lanka.

While at Stanford University for his PhD in Computer Science, Lahiru began exploring tangible ways in which his research could make an impact. Matthew Can, a friend and fellow PhD student with a brilliant academic track record from U.C. Berkeley, learned of Lahiru’s mission. They bonded on the commitment to offer leading-edge and user-friendly technology to make the world safer. Together, they left Stanford and Red Lotus was born.
Our unique identity arises from the union of three factors:
a relentless drive to do work that protects human life, a love of leading-edge technology development, and profound respect for the domain expertise of our users.
Developed in partnership with the U.S. Army Research Lab, Red Lotus products are in use by numerous groups, including:

United States Army
Research Lab

United States Army
Special Operations

United States
Army Europe

Joint Improvised-Threat
Defeat Organization