Visualization and
Signature Technology
Automated Assessment of
Handheld Detection Skill
VAST stands for Visualization and Signature Technology. At its core, VAST is a very accurate position tracking system for handheld detectors. Using positional data, VAST delivers rich visual feedback to support handheld skill assessment. With VAST, it is quick and easy for instructors to “see” how good or bad an operator is. Thus, enabling objective evaluation and the delivery of targeted instruction. VAST is a quick to assemble training kit that fits in a hand-carry case.
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How VAST Works
VAST provides visual feedback by tracking the 6D position of a detector search head (x, y, z, yaw, pitch, and roll). It consists of one VAST Transmitter, VAST Tracking Belts (x2), VAST Controllers (x 2), and an Android Tablet.

The VAST Transmitter module attaches to the shaft of a handheld detector. The device contains ultrasonic emitters and a miniature inertial measurement unit (IMU).

The VAST Tracking Belts line either side of the training area. They contain ultrasonic receivers located at regular intervals.

The VAST Controllers (attached to the Tracking Belts) handle computation and communications.

The Android Tablet processes positional data and visualizes detector sweep search information.
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Is the U.S. Department of Defense involved in the development of VAST Training?
Yes, VAST Training is a joint R&D effort between Red Lotus Technologies and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory.
Does VAST Training track the detector search head?
Yes, it tracks the position of the detector search head.
Can VAST Training be used indoors?
Yes, the system can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Can one Android tablet monitor feedback from multiple systems?
Currently, the VAST Training Android application can only display feedback from a single VAST Training system.
Can VAST Training track more than one detector on a training lane?
The current version only supports one detector per training lane.
Can I use VAST Training with a tablet that I already own?
VAST is optimized for the tablet device included with the system. However, for sufficiently large orders, we can port the Android application to an Android tablet model of the customer's choosing (e.g. "ruggedized" Android tablet). Please contact us for further details.
What is the Android tablet that is included with the system?
We include a commercial off-the-shelf tablet with each VAST Training system. Therefore, the exact model included in an order will depend on the product release cycles of the major Android tablet manufacturers.
How can I upgrade the VAST Training Android App?
Customers will be notified by email when an upgrade is available. In order to upgrade, make sure that the tablet is connected to a WIFI network and select the upgrade option found in the App. A Google account is not required for upgrade.